Monday, 9 July 2012

A dead Tiger Found in Chandrapur forest, Maharashtra

On June 30, a decomposed body of an adult Tiger was founded in Karwa forest area under Junona Range. It is around 8 Kilometers far away from the Chandrapur city.
According to the Regional Manager, Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra (North Chandrapur), Sanjay Thakre, "The big cat probably died five days ago in a fight over the territory with another tiger".
Around the 25 meters away from the body the forest officials find out the some bloodstains and pug-marks during the inspection.
Sanjay Thakre said, "the Tiger was 10 years old male and fully grown. During the inspection of the Tiger the forest officials found the some deep injuries on its head, legs and ribs. They also find the pug-marks of another tiger near the spot and they lead to Central Chandrapur Area and also search the location of the other tiger which also might have been injured in the fight."
In Dhaba range a half-eaten body of the Tiger cub was founded, Yesterday and might be a pack of wild dog had attack it.


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