Monday, 19 August 2013

Animals Friendship between lion, tiger and bear

In Noah's Ark, a wildlife rescue center in Georgia, three live animals with a close friendship. This unlikely trio consists of the American black bear Baloo, Leo the lion and the Bengal tiger Shere Kahn.

"They live together and do not see their differences" says 

Allison Hedgecoth of Noah's ark.

The three animals - collectively known as the "BLT" - nearly 12 years ago rescued from a violent home. They were only two months old. They have been inseparable. Since their rescue They hug each other, playing with the ball, chasing each other, and eat together daily.

"All of them had problems ... Leo, the lion, had a big raw spot on his nose. Baloo, the bear, had an ingrown harness because his owners had not extended when he was bigger. The harness thus grew into the skin and had to be surgically removed, "said Hedgecoth. "They are more than 100 percent recovered."

For years expected the trainers concerned that the animals would fight, but they experienced nothing but peace between the three. Indeed, when the trio is separated from each other, they immediately unmanageable.

"I think the ordeal she went through as a young animal is connected," says Hedgecoth. "They only had each other. They looked at each other for convenience and support. "

Hedgecoth would find it cruel to separate after they have spent. More than a decade together the animals
The 250-acre sanctuary is owned and founded by Charles and Jama Hedgecoth. It is probably the only place where you can see live. Combination of these types

"It's a little unusual because black bears and tigers normally solitary life as they mature," said Rebecca Snyder, curator at Noah's Ark.

The three friendly giants have seemingly no understanding of their differences.

Baloo bear weighs 450 pounds. Can lion and tiger Shere Leo count each 160 pounds.

"Nevertheless, you see Baloo, Shere Kan and Leo frolic like brothers," laughs Diane Smith, deputy director of Noah's ark. "They are completely unaware of the fact that they would be. No friends under other circumstances".

Shere Khan, Baloo and Leo moved to a specially designed habitat, where the public can now have their touching friendship. Witness himself.

Although Noah's Ark no access uses prices, they do hope to donations from the public.

"We receive no state or government funding," explains Hedgecoth out. "It just costs more than $ 33,000 per month to feed our animals and to provide medical care."

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