Monday, 19 August 2013

Tiger- The top ten endangered animals in the world

The tiger is the most endangered species in the world. The animal is placed in a new list of WWF. A list of the ten most endangered animals in the world. 

1. Tiger

According to the most recent studies suggest that no more than 3,200 tigers left in the wild. Where the animals used to live over a large territory, they now carry only seven percent of their original territory in. The greatest threats to the tiger are deforestation and hunting. Body parts of the tiger are used in Chinese medicine. The fur of a tiger is sold at high prices.

Climate change may be an important factor in the disappearance of the tiger.
Rising sea levels destroying the mangroves, the strong trees in the vicinity of the tiger in India and Bangladesh. In February start the Chinese Year of the Tiger. Perhaps a last chance to save. Extinction of this magnificent animal.

2. Polar bear

For years, the polar bear is the symbol of climate change. If the temperature continues to rise and the ice in the polar region further melting, the polar bear extinction this century. WWF is working with governments to reduce. Impact of the oil as much as possible Locally there are efforts to reduce. 

Conflicts between humans and polar bear By melting the polar ice is increasing in the civilized world rightly.

 3. Pacific walrus

The Pacific walrus is one of the latest victims of climate change. In September flooded about 200 dead walruses on the coast of Alaska. Ice shelves are vital for walruses. The animals rest and reproduce on the ice. In the water, the walrus also easy prey for hunters. 

The United States consider including the walrus in the Endangered Species Act.
4.  Magellanic penguin

Previously, oil leaks the greatest threats to the Magellanic penguin. Today, the animal becomes increasingly difficult to find, as many fish disappears in the warmer oceans food. Therefore, the penguins swim a lot further. Last year, hundreds of penguins washed ashore on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The penguins are normally south of Argentina and are probably wandered through the hot temperature over a thousand kilometers. Twelve of the seventeen penguin species are endangered.

5. Leatherback Turtle
6. Bluefin Tuna
7. Mountain Gorilla
8. Monarch Butterfly
9. Javan rhino
10. Giant

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