Friday, 6 July 2012

The two newborn Tiger cubs in Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

In Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, the two new born Tiger are struggling to survive. For the precarious health, they are taken from their mother.
According to the Spokeswoman Patty Peters,"The week-old Amur tigers are beginning to stabilize in the zoo animal hospital and the both are males and the species is also known as the Siberian tiger."
Harry Peachey said that we are pretty excited about how well they are doing. Columbus Zoo announced their birth yesterday. The mother name of the tiger cubs is Mara.
Last Friday morning Mara delivered the first cub at 10:41 PM on 28 June and second is about four and half hours later.

The member of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium saw the tiger cub birth with a camera in Mara den after that they keep track of their feeding.

And according to Peachey, "It almost appeared that he was not able to complete with his brother and we had much prefer that the Mara raise the babies and the babies survive."

"Each cub was 2 to 3 pounds at birth and the cub father is 9-year-old Foli, the weight of the tiger cubs is less but they have begun to gain their weight" , Peachey said.

In North American zoos, Tigers were last born at the Columbus Zoo in 1990.

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