Friday, 6 July 2012

Pilibhit Tiger killed one pig in near Puranpur town

Tiger has reached up to eight kilometers away from Pilibhit forest to Puranpur town on Monday and killed a domestic Pig, locality of Puranapur town.
"The tiger was spotted near a locality of Puranpur on Monday. It was chased away by the officials from the bushes and hiding in near the town. However, it is still hiding in the crops of sugarcane about four kilometers away from Puranpur", said the Pilibhit Divisional Forest Officer(Social Forestry) : AK Singh.
According to AK Singh, Tiger killed only one pig and the forest officers are not successful to track the exact location of the Tiger. He said that they make a ten number of people team to get the location of the tiger by moving around the Lucknow -Tanakpur railway track.


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