Sunday, 9 September 2012

A man and a woman was killed by a strayed out Pilibhit Tiger

A strayed out Indian Pilibhit Tiger has killed a man and a woman near Puranpur village on 5 September. The woman body is partially eaten by the tiger. The forest department announced an alert and give orders for tranquilising and trapping. But according to the forest department officials the tiger is not the man eater.

According to forest department report the boy has deep injury on his head and the shoulder and the upper portion of his body is also bore bruises and scratches.

AP Sinha, DFO, Shahjahanpur, who is part of the team said, the two dead tiger are found in Puranpur range approx five to six kilometers from Haripur range in the month of May. A dead woman is found in Ruria Salempur village on the 6 September on the same range of this area. This dead body is found above 11 kms from the forest area and it is partially eaten by the tiger and one leg is missing of this lady.

Utkarsh Shukla, the tranquilising experts of the forest department and Saurabh Singhvi of the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) have reached the spot and give order to the forest team member to tranquilise and trap the feline.


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