Monday, 19 August 2013

Nepal has 198 tigers in the wild

Recent surveys show that in Nepal still about 198 tigers in the wild. That there are still little, but compared with 2009, a significant increase. Then there were 121 tigers counted. The good news was announced by the Nepalese government during the Global Tiger Day '.

The WWF is pleased with the positive news.

"Since the tiger summit in 2010, the Nepalese government is working hard to reduce poaching and bearing fruit," said Gert Polet of the WWF.

Thus, Nepal is the first country on the initiative of the WWF eco-drones commitment in the fight against poachers.

At present, India, Russia and Nepal, the only countries where tigers are monitored systematically. In 2010, the 13 countries where tigers still live in the wild agreed that the number of tigers to be doubled to 6,000 in 2022. To achieve this goal counts are very important.

The WWF has therefore all the 'tiger country' called for in 2022 to do the first of which should take place in 2016. Extensive three counts.


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