Thursday, 5 September 2013

Tiger kills a nurse in zoo of Cologne

In the zoo of Cologne a tiger has slain a nurse. The animal attacked the woman and injured her so severely that she died in hospital shortly afterwards from her injuries. That the police said.

After the attack on the 43-year-old woman was the predator through an open security lock escape from his residence and got into an adjacent building. To stop the tiger was the predator by zoo director The o Pagel slain with a large caliber rifle. After the outbreak of the tiger, parts of the zoo closed.

The police brought in visitors and staff safety. According to the zoo attendant had not allowed to come together. In the same room with the tiger "The tiger was in the place where he learned to sit," said Pagel. He called the incident the worst day of his life. According to the police was much worse prevented by intervention are possible.

The nurse was an experienced employee. The 43-year-old woman was responsible for the care of the predators and had a wide and long experience in dealing with these animals. The zoo assumes that before the start of the daily reining work failed to lock the tiger. The nurse "Presumably she is attacked by the tiger. Behind the animal brought a deadly bite in the neck, after which he walked away from her," said the zoo in a statement.

Director Theo Pagel currently can not explain why the experienced nurse this risky behavior exhibited. The visitors and staff of the Cologne zoo has never walked danger, according to the park. The tiger has the building can never leave. Fatal accidents in European zoos are rare. On June 17, died in Sweden a 30-year-old nurse in the zoo of Kolmaarden after she was attacked by a pack of eight wolves.


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