Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The three new born tiger cubs are died at Mysore Zoo

In Mysore Zoo the three tiger cub are died. According to the Zoo member, On Saturday, the tigress named as Kaweri did give birth to the three tiger cubs.

 Now Mysore Zoo member decided that they did not pair the other tiger with Kaweri for breeding. Zoo officials said that the tigress Kawari did not take care of her new born cubs and this incident was took place at the Second time. She did birth a new cub in last of November 2011 but within five days the cub is died.

She was born in the natural state and after that Kaweri was relocated at the Zoo. In March 2008, she was captured, attacking cattle in the fringes of forest.

M Nanjundaswamy, the Zoo Authority of Karnataka chairman, said, “ We are unable to give o information about her actual age and due to age related factor she was not taking care of her new born cubs and now decided that they did not pair Kaweri with any other tiger for breeding”.

On Saturday, Kaweri did give birth to the three cubs and during the pregnancy Zoo authority extended the privacy. By using the CCTV cameras Zoo member captured the picture of the Kaweri along with her cubs. But on Saturday morning Mysore Zoo member saw that Kaweri sat far away with her cubs and the cubs did not move toward their mother. One of the tiger cubs shows some movements about one hour and after that he stopped it movements, on Monday at AM. Nanjundaswamy said, “We are tried to save the tiger cub but they could not successful to save the tiger cub.”

The Doctors and the animal keepers found that two tiger cubs are dead and one is alive. The alive cub was underweight and was died on Tuesday.


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