Thursday, 23 August 2012

A woman killed by Pilibhit tiger near Gajraula village

A strayed out Pilibhit Indian tiger killed a woman near Gajraula village on last two days and the forest member have to decided that to catch this roll out wild animal. 

According to the Arvind Kumar Singh, Divisional Forest Officer (Social Forestry), he is trying to arrange a team ti catch this wild animal and asked the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) to send a team. This strayed out tiger also attacked a teen age boy near Bilhari village.

The forest official member said that the tiger attack the boy when he had gone his filed and the tiger leave the boy when his father and grandfather raised on alarm on Wednesday. According to the Arpit Mishra, the back of that teenage boy is injured and he was admitted in to the nearest hospital.

One of the official member Mr. Singh said that the tiger attacked that woman on Tuesday and they are verifying that it was the tiger that was seen in to the Puranpur forest range. The Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), which send a team to find and catch the tiger, did not start the operation due to absence of elephants in the forest. And according to Mr Singh, To bring elephants from Dudhwa National Park he had find funds from the forest department.


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