Friday, 30 August 2013

A death report of Indian tiger population its declines at breakneck speed

A report says that The tiger population in India falls by an enormous speed. In the past 22 weeks alone, slain 48 tigers. The largest number of tigers was slain, was in Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand and Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra.

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has confirmed that 19 of these deaths are clearly caused by poachers, but it is very likely that this number is much higher. The number of dead tigers in 2011 was 56 and in 2010 its 52.

As told by the strength increase in syrup cases in India, tiger reserves afraid to report, Mr. deaths. SP Yadav, Superintendent of the NTCA. "To ensure that all deaths are reported, we are eroop someone of NTCA is present for the post-mortem of a tiger."

ON May 15 Minister of Environment Jayanti Natarajan stated that India has 32 ​​tigers in 5 months time is lost. The past three weeks there is another finished 16 tigers. Mr. Yadav of the NTCA admits that one of the weaknesses of the organization is "intelligence gathering", a body that investigates the poachers and she continues. "A delay in response, makes the poacher always one step ahead of us," he says.
Karnataka will be the first to bring an anti-poaching plan into practice. The NTCA has a detailed security plan for the tiger reserves and launched heat-sensitive cameras are already installed in Corbett National Park.

The situation gets out of hand, by increasing demand for tiger products in Asia.


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