Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Real facts about the most endangered animal in the world

Endangered animals: tigers

Panther tigers, king of the jungle:-

On the way a tiger sneaks and jumps on its prey, shows that he is related to the cat well. Within the family is the tiger's largest and heaviest. With its impressive, strong body, sharp teeth and deadly claws he is often called the king of the jungle. Read Chinese in the black lines on the forehead of the Tiger Chinese character "Wang", meaning King.

Tiger in a nutshell:-

In the tall grass or woods work the distinctive black stripes on its coat as a camouflage cloth. On the drawing around the head, researchers can recognize each tiger personally.

A tiger has remarkably long white whiskers. Which help the way through the dark to find the bushes. They also use their sensitive hairs in the love game.

A tiger has round pupils in his eyes, just like a human. So no cat eyes. To estimate the distance to prey tigers run both eyes forward. But to the sides to note, both eyes move they move to the rear.

The tail of a tiger is almost a meter long. Which helps him to stay with a jump in balance. Also, a tiger signals with its tail. When he is angry he beats it back and forth, which means something like: "Get out, or you'll get a slap!"

A tiger has a real predator teeth. Dagger-like fangs to prey with grasping, spiked choose to cut the meat to tear apart. Incisors order to enjoy life to scrape. A bone

Tigers are known for their lovemaking. Most of the year they live alone, but if they have found a partner they do sometimes hundreds of times in a row.

Dimensions and weights:-

The tiger can be recognized by its orange-yellow fur with black stripes, his yellow eyes and his stealthy gait. There are five subspecies the Siberian tiger is the largest. His weights and measures:

Maximum weight: 384 pounds.
Maximum length from head to tail: 3.30 meters.
Maximum shoulder height: more than 1 meter.
Maximum age in captivity: 22 years


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