Saturday, 14 September 2013

2 Responses to Vegetarian tigers asked or requested

The vegetarian who is appalled by the tiger that another animal, creation of God, as food used realizes that the lettuce which he/she eat also creation of God.
Jacob, the younger twin brother of Essau, which at the rivulet the Jabok with God moisture, just before he returned from exile to the promised land of his father and grandfather, wanted to let loose his attacker not, before he would know the name of his opponent.

Unfortunately, the God of Abraham and Isaac could not only mention the Earth, it also showed a fantasy (dream) too, because suddenly disappeared, after said to have that Jacob now Israel would welcome.

Jacob was actually very very afraid of the tigers, after such a long time, still with its much stronger older twin brother Village Invites to be confronted in the crossing of the border (the Jabok). The new name was to help him apparently not the confrontation with his brother out of the way to go.

The cunning, intelligent Jacob had expressed as the youngest are not place in the family does not want to know, and had already been years back a frontier, it was also the origin of the conflict between the two brothers.

For me, the story about the name of Israel, that the people, not as in the loop of the nature , where the orderly wildlife as its fixed place in has, with relatively little physical violence are place airship, the survival of the species, the man must have the end of the day, is the reconciliation with his brother.

Village Invites the hunter, the natuurmens is seen as less geweldadig than his devious twin brother Jacob. The violence of Jacob is therefore actually a battle with are angry demon, which he won by only to reconcile with his brother to i.e. Not to compete with his brother in intelligence (cunning) and the physically much stronger Village Invites to outdo want to insert. In other words as the King of Israel among others mentioned in his bergrede : "Great are the poor of spirit, because of them, the Kingdom of the worshiping".


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