Friday, 20 September 2013

Tiger biting carer death In the Allwetter zoo

In the Allwetter zoo in the German city of Munster, the Siberian tiger Rasputin as he seeks a carer killed Thursday afternoon. Visitors to the saw, alarmeerden the emergency services. The fire department could quickly from the tijgerverblijf liberate the carer, but the aid came too late.
The 56-year-old carer would the two tigers of the zoo of the outdoor area to within have to. When he thought they were all two within, he walked the outdoor areas in order to clean it. But presumably he has forgotten to close a door and was one of the tigers has yet again the outdoor area, thus director Jorg Adler of the zoo. The predator besprong the man and killed him with one bite in the neck.
Other carers have Rasputin as he seeks after the incident are lured back into its cage. According to the German media are visitors of the zoo no time in danger and have very few people see it happen. Director Adler said shocked to are "I do this work now 48 years and i have never experienced anything like it." He feels that the tiger no blame: "The animal saw an intruder in his territory and fell instinctmatig on".
Last year in august bite a Siberian tiger a carer death in zoo Kolner Zoo in Cologne. That animal is after the attack by the dierentuindirecteur shot.


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