Monday, 9 September 2013

Indian poachers threaten to eradicate tiger

Tigers in India is safe in zoos, as Bengal copies.
Every year dozens of tigers in India fall prey to poachers. The government is trying to save. The national symbol of India from destruction.

A home for old and weak tigers. It is one of India's plans to stop. Dramatic decreases in the number of tigers in the country Old tigers are struggling to come to eat so they weaken quickly. Moreover, they are looking for easier prey. That they find in villages, where they attack people and especially cattle. Healthy tigers generally remain far from the human. In India tigers slain by five to six people annually.

The tiger 's home is an enclosed area of about 10,000 square kilometers (almost a quarter of the Netherlands ) in eastern India , near the border with Bangladesh . We will develop the area into a natural habitat for tigers, so the animals do not have to be caught,'' said Atanu Raha feel responsible for in the nature conservation. There will be ensured sufficient prey which the tigers hunting can make.

The tiger is a national symbol in India, but the government has made great effort to keep the tiger. Stand at levels According to official estimates, India still has about 3,700 tigers - a century ago there were just over 40,000. According to environmental groups, the government figures too optimistic and the real number are around 2,000. India is doing a census at this time.

The policy in India does not sto. Poachers Last month was therefore a task force set up to identify the problems and an Office for the Prevention of Crime Wild. That happened after poachers all fifteen animals were slain. Sariska in the nature park in the state of Rajasthan.

As long as tigers on the black market yield about $ 50,000 and the chance of getting caught is extremely small, it remains attractive to hunting. Tigers The Ministry of Environment reported last week that in the period 1999 to 2003 certainly 181 tigers slain by poachers, in addition, the death of 62 other tigers by the Ministry as 'suspect' identified. Also, parts 238 times captured by the police killed tigers.

Tigers are on the red list of the UN organization CITES, on trade in endangered species. This means that both the hunting of tigers, as the trade in tiger products is prohibited. A conviction by CITES as India threatens the poaching no better fights.

Especially in China, the demand is high and organs, teeth, bones and penises of tigers used for the production of traditional medicines. Recently, the demand in the increasingly prosperous to Tibet, where tiger skins are used as decoration in homes.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh underlined last week the need to protect the tiger. Better According to the Prime Minister to improve the management of the parks. Now they face a lack of money, with too few staff and relatively old, with a shortage of vehicles and other equipment. Some of the staff working for so long in the parks that they know the poachers personally. They also earn so little that tend large to by poachers supplement. 's Salary through bribery.

The Prime Minister has proposed to move. Some villages in the vicinity of wildlife sanctuaries But more importantly , he finds that the villagers tigers no longer regarded as a natural enemy , but just be involved in the protection of animals.

Prime Minister Singh had incidentally happiness, reported the Times of India. During his safari in Rajasthan he saw all within an hour the tigress 'The Lady of the Lake '. The state has recently adopted one hundred and fifty extra police officers armed rangers in the context of the fight against poachers. That could not prevent in Ranthambore park eighteen tigers are lost.


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