Friday, 13 September 2013

Vegetarian tigers asked

Why God created no vegetarian tiger? This is not a question of religious people to believers. But the nature is cruel. The basic rule is 'eat and be eaten'. There is no place for compassion. The strongest always attracts the longest end. Where is the cruelty good for? How can you link to the godsgeloof?

Why so God created no vegetarian tiger? Is it not better, more sensible, the belief in God? In a world without God is nature, according to the lovers of the vegetarian tiger, just as cruel. The answer is in the first instance, that a vegetarian tiger would be no tiger.

Many gave him are given to a predator. A vegetarian tiger would be completely different. What have you as vegetarian tiger claws and surrounding musculature's? A tiger would be more on a pig or a cow seem, in short no tiger. Predators often also have a useful role, particularly the weaker animals that they infest and in this way help, that their type of better survives. However, it is often not pleasant to the dismemberment of the prey to see.

A evolution without God is at least as brutal as an evolution, in which people have a godsgeloof cherish. The question - or is it a requirement? - To a vegetarian tiger presupposes an almighty God, that each step toward the evolution of monitors and controls. But if God is love, is not God almighty.

In anticipation of the (relative) freedom of the human being, has also the nature a certain freedom to all sides. All types are being tested. There are animals such as the albatros, conquer the skies and rarely with their feet on the ground. There are plants and animals that the earth to churning and dig it. Everything seems to be examined. Plants and animals seem a pass looking for levensmogelijkheden. Seems to be a particular route conveniently, then follows a development in that direction. Later can prove that this development crashes: the form is fixed. There is found a way to live, but a further development seems not possible.

The animals and plants that bind to a certain form, develop the longest and farthest. In almost all respects mankind loses the animal and plant. But his brain is better than that of any other 'animal', or perhaps we should say: they are richer by their way of active. In humans start religion and culture. What was that animals in a chaos recessed, the system of the strongest that prevails over the others, works for people not more. What they are doing together, we will take in a relatively pure form in the respawn: there is about someone geroddeld and that unites people. This is a cruel practice.

People committed terrible atrocities. These are opportunities that are given to our finiteness and our freedom. There is no infinite and vrijheidsloze man. People can choose whether or not to be vegetarian. The violence is our biggest challenge. Religion confronts people with their violence and try to overcome. But it does that often by a form of violence. It is in danger itself, a source of violence to be: those, it will become infected.

Ask for a vegetarian tiger seems to me more unrealistic than questions to God.


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